Friday, 1 November 2013

Beef, Bricks and Coal

Irrespective of where we live, the majority of us could give up certain things that would have a sizable impact on climate change mitigation. It's not unimaginable to take the next step beyond incandescent bulbs or 'standby mode' on appliances and make greater behavioral changes that would significantly benefit the planet. 

Here are three 'silver bullets' in the areas of food, housing, and energy.


Our prevailing consumer choices that heavily impact GHG contributions vary according to where we live in the world. 
  • Could we convince Indians and Chinese to opt for concrete blocks as an alternative to burnt clay bricks for new homes and offices?
  • Could Americans (both North and South) be persuaded to favour chicken over beef?
  • Can the Europeans model of rejecting coal-fired power plants set an example for the world? 
Total GHG:
Casey, J.W. and Holden, N.M. (2006) Quantification of greenhouse gas emissions from suckler-beef production in Ireland, Agricultural Systems 90, 79–98.